Party Bus Charleston: Service for all events!

Party Bus Charleston is proud to service absolutely any event! Our goal here is to provide luxury service to anyone who wants it, no matter what they're planning. You'll find our services to be the perfect choice for Weddings, concerts, tailgating, nights on the town, and more... Simply stated, we do it all! Do you just want to rent a bus and drive around and party? That's fine! Our prices are competitive and affordable so you can add some luxury to any event you wish!

Since there's no shortage of things to do in South Carolina, we're happy to be able to take you out so you can see and do it all. We want your night to be unforgettable and fun, so we accommodate anything you have planned. Even if you provide an itinerary (which is appreciated but by no means required) your event does not have to be set in stone. If you're out for a night of bar hopping and decide you want to check out a new place across the state at the last minute just let your chauffeur know and you'll be driven to your destination.

One of the best parts of renting a party bus from us for your event or night out is that you're able to party non-stop all night long with every one of your friends, no traffic to stress you out, no looking for parking, just 100% fun. And best yet, you know you'll all arrive safe and sound to each and every destination!

Popular Events

  • Weddings
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Bachelor parties
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Holiday parties
  • Festivals & concerts
  • Sporting events & tailgating
  • Wine tours
  • Bar hopping
  • Corporate events
  • School dances
  • & many more!